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High Resolution Media Servers

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Disguise 4x4pro

Disguise 4X4pro (Disguise D3) has the power to perform simple to very complex video mapping and multi destination video playback.Projection mapping has become very popular on today's events, and Disguise 4X4pro is the Flagship to performance video mapping.

Play huge video content...

Drive large shows with fewer servers, reducing space, time, setup, risk, and management overhead. Every feature of the pro range is focused on delivering the smoothest possible video playback experience.

More content More impact

The 4x4pro steps up in terms of quality and quantity, and can also process things faster. With twin 10Gbit/sec Ethernet connections, the 4x4pro can transfer huge files in a matter of minutes. An external PCIe slot also lets you install more storage, so you can do more.

Beauty in the detail

Push Every Pixel™ is our benchmark for the playback power. It’s the power to fill every physical pixel with at least two simultaneous layers of content and it’s the standard the 4x4pro was designed to meet.

Flexibility for the big occasions

The 4x4pro comes with four Video Format Conversion cards. An industry first, they let you drive up to 16HD outputs as DVI or SDI or 4x 4K from a single unit. So you can mix multiple signals on the same system and deliver large multi-projector shows with fewer machines.

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Resolume Arena Media Server

Resolume Arena has advanced options for projection mapping and blending projectors. Plays both audio and video files. Project and map video on any type of surface. Complex geometrical structures or whole buildings.

Audio Visual Playback

Resolume plays both audio and video files. Animate pixels and drop beats, combine any video file with any audio file. You can play on any amount of screens. From a simple screen behind the DJ in your local club to the main stage.

Projection Mapping with Arena

Project video on any type of surface. Complex geometrical structures or whole buildings. Resolume does all the hard work, so you can concentrate on the important part: being creative.

Blend Projectors with Arena

With edge blending you can seamlessly project one beautiful widescreen image with two or more projectors. It can even wrap around for a full 360 degree experience.

Intuitive Interface

Whatever your style is, Resolume offers you an easy interface to rock it. Use as little or as many videos and effects as you like. The only limit is your computer's raw power and your imagination.




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Video and Projection Mapping Media Servers…

High Res Systems, LLC is a Las Vegas, Nv. based Media Server Rental company. With Disguise and Resolume Arena servers, we are here to assist you on your next event.

Disguise 4X4pro (Formerly D3) have the power to perform simple to very complex video mapping and multi destination video playback. From wide screen screen blends to wide LED wall configurations or mapping complex 3D set pieces, the Disguise Media servers are the first choice of Media Server Engineers. The Disguise One media servers also integrate Real Time tracking with BlackTrax as well as Notch, mind-blowing real time generative content creation.

Video and Projection Mapping Media Servers have become very popular on today’s events, and Disguise 4X4pro is the Flagship for performance video mapping. Disguise 4X4pro, formerly Disguise D3 Media Servers are built to perform in any entertainment event environment.

In addition to the Disguise 4x4pro servers, we offer Resolume Arena media servers as well. Resolume has fast become on of the most used media server systems in the world. Similar to the Disguise media servers, Resolume is capable of complex video mapping and media playback.

High Res Systems, LLC has Video/Projection Mapping Media Server rentals for your next event, at a very competitive price. Call or email us to get your quote.