• 4K DP & 12G HD/SDI

01 More Pixels for your Show

Our servers with 8k playback video cards. Deliver your content with; Disguise 4X4Pro - 4 x 4k DP4 or 16 x DVI.
Resolume Arena - 4 x 3G HD/SDI, 4 x 4k UHD/SDI, 4 x 4k DP or a single 8k output.

02 Disguise D3 4X4Pro Servers

More Content, More Pixels. The 4×4pro accepts four channels of HD-SDI (up to 1080p@30) or two channels of 3G-SDI (1080p@60), with just 50 msec latency. The 4×4pro can play up to 32 HD layers of DXV/HAP content, with canvas sizes up to 16K pixels across.


Resolume Arena is one of the most versatile and powerful Media Server interfaces that provide a smooth playback/mapping experience. Produced videos to generative content, Arena has the power to succeed for your show.


Resolume Arena Media Servers

When your show needs a high resolution media server to deliver your custom content to multiple destinations, wide screens or LED walls. Our Resolume Media Servers are built with multiple 4k output, either SDI or DisplayPort. No compromises!

Primary and Slave Media Servers

The standard production is designed around a primary media server with a back up for redundancy. Our dual server rack is built with two identical servers networked together for ease of use and accuracy in media delivery.

Multiple DisplayPort HD, 4k or 8k

Each Resolume Arena server affords you the ability to deliver up to 7 simultaneous 4k signals. Typically, combined 4k & HD outputs get the job done with ease.

Disguise D3 4X4Pro Servers

Designed for the largest video surfaces in the world, the 4x4pro is capable of driving up to 16 HD projectors or LED processors from a single server unit.

High Resolution Media Server Options

HRS provides several options in our media servers to suit your show needs. 4 full size Displayport and 4 4k SDI outputs for up to 7 total 4k outputs per server or 8 3G SDI input/outputs on our single server units.


Years of experience building and running servers for high profile shows have all transferred to our company culture. We build them like we run them. User friendly with convenient networking for ease of use and accuracy.

  • Multiple configurations to suit your needs.
  • High end components to ensure speed and reliability.
  • Rugged enclosures for durability when loading in and out.
  • Licensed software to create your show, your way.
  • Local delivery is generally included with all rentals.

Contact us to have any of your questions or concerns addressed. We sincerely hope you will give HRS a chance to provide our servers for your next show.

Thank You


It's a simple process to rent our media servers. Call or email us. Thanks

More content More impact

The 4x4pro steps up in terms of quality and quantity, and can also process things faster. With twin 10Gbit/sec Ethernet connections, the 4x4pro can transfer huge files in a matter of minutes. An external PCIe slot also lets you install more storage, so you can do more.

Flexibility for the big occasions

The 4x4pro comes with four Video Format Conversion cards. An industry first, they let you drive up to 16HD outputs as DVI or SDI or 4x 4K from a single unit. So you can mix multiple signals on the same system and deliver large multi-projector shows with fewer machines.

Disguise D3 4x4pro

Beauty in the detail

Push Every Pixel™ is our benchmark for the playback power. It’s the power to fill every physical pixel with at least two simultaneous layers of content and it’s the standard the 4x4pro was designed to meet.

Disguise 4x4pro

The 4x4pro sets the industry benchmark for power, flexibility and convenience.

The 4×4pro can play up to 32 HD layers of DXV/HAP content, with canvas sizes up to 16K pixels across.

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